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Our more than ten years+ of economics research is showcased here and our for-profit preferred partner http://www.pittnachioff.com Pittnachioff Quantitative Finance. If you require cutting edge highly accurate scientific analysis of economical systems, financial markets, trading dynamics, international economics and indicators, please contact us at fnmfnm2@yahoo.com and our contact form. Our internationally recognized research expertise is available to you.

what this means:

a) We can quantify stock markets statistics with astonishingly high accuracy...we introduced the nonextensive to finance infact...We since have introduced our innovation of the nonextensive ensembles random matrix theory level spacing eigen statistics distribution to finance, achieving similar 'astonishing' accuracy unachievable by Gibbs-Boltzmann Gaussian or Exponential statistics...

b) We have derived the nonextensive derivatives pricing formular, the generalized Black-Scholes pricing model with which Nobel prize winning mathematical model options and derivatives are priced.

c) We have derived the n-traders interacting traders model...from it excess demand analogous to magnetization is obtained...demand noninearly proportional to price, we are able to i) quantify implied volatility from price ii) price from actual volatility iii) market tolerance for over-demand or over-supply iv) crashes ad bubbles or LTRs long term risk, a concern as for example in 2008-2009 50% of the value of the S&P500 measuring real wealth of the U.S. Economy disappeared, such economic 'meltdowns' reccurring and posing a real threat.

d) We have derived and are actively researching the centralized control theory of economy...utilizing a Black-Scholes -like stochastic feedback control theory, we are developing a description of centralized-decentralized control that is i) highly accurate ii) robust to the inclusiion of 100s of indicators as maintained by http://www.bea.gov and market data and consumer and trader sentiment confidence and psychology indicators. Recently we proposed the approach to the Chicago offices of the federal reserve. 


http://www.pittnachioff.com see capabilities pages

arXiv.org http://arxiv.org/find/grp_q-fin,grp_physics/1/au:+michael_fredrick/0/1/0/all/0/1  see the q-finance quantitative finance and economics papers.