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We have noticed as other researchers that genetic sequences code and non-code information in a sophisticated design...correlations exist, the statistics robust to describing historical correlations should be preferred...nonextensive statistics are such statistics.

what this means:

a) worms! C.Elegans has a fan following, entire data sets and websites...therefore we simply analyzed the data sets utilizing our assumption of apriori nonlinear statistics and obtained very high accuracy description, with q~1.24...we further discuss minimal cell construction genetically and self-sufficience...

b) We derive a numerical model equivalent to the wormy model...that is we simulate C.Elegans numerically...from this we derive a genetic therapy algorith, based on nonlinear stochastic control..that is genetic mutation and variability are precisely described and quantified, and therefore temporal genetic therapy models are obtained. The approach is borrowed from finance where inefficiency and risk  (mutation and genetic damage..) is intolerable and is calculated away.

c) We are currently embarking on a branching processes research as applied to genetics...there are yet open questions in genetics as difficult as that may sound...genetic drift, environment other influences, and the models that have been utilized yet are lacking complete descriptivenness of alleles and variability.


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